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The Marbaglass company works in the supply of technical scientific equipment, laboratory glassware, chemical reagents, glass and crystal for industrial and scientific use, etc.  It has been operating on thee national market for over thirty years.  The Marbaglass company has been recognised for its supplies and the way in which it performs its business.

Scientific instruments for chemical and biological laboratories

Our supplies are most commonly made to leading, national research institutes and scientific laboratories. Some of the names with whom we work are:

  • C.N.R. (National Research Council)  Institutes and Departments
  • Universities of Rome, Urbino and Camerino
  • Chemical industries and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Agriculture Institutes
  • Scientific Schools and Institutes
forniture laboratori scientifici
Working agreements

Thanks to our organisation, efficiency and flexibility, we can offer various types of affordable working agreements to better satisfy our customers.